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    Rules. (New members please read)*


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    Rules. (New members please read)*

    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:38 am

    Basic Rules:

    Whilst you have freedom of speech in this forum we do not tolerate bullying or abusive behaviour towards any member. If your comments are felt to be inappropriate an admin or moderator will remove them and contact you explaining why your post has been removed. You will then be given a polite warning, if you continue abusive behaviour this will result in a permanent ban.

    Common Courtesy is expected at all times, if you have a problem or an issue with another members please PM an admin or moderator so that the matter can be dealt with directly, ‘flaming’ (personal attacks on members) will not be tolerated no matter what the circumstances and may result in a warning or a ban.

    Racial abuse of any kind is not tolerated. We have members from all over the world who each have their own personal views and opinions. Please also respect their religion and their right to believe what they want. Forcing your own personal religious beliefs on other members is also something we do not allow; you may be contacted and issued a warning if you continue to do so.

    Spam & Link Posting:

    We have strong No Spam policy and our moderators are under strict instructions to delete spam posts without warning. If you are unclear as to what constitutes as ‘Spam’ please see below for some examples on what we do not allow.

    No links in threads unless they are 100% relevant to the topic and of genuine use to our members.

    If you post continued links to your own website in threads you will be banned without warning.

    If your first post made on JUSTGIRLS contains a link to your own website your post will be deleted and you will be banned as a spammer. If you’d like to show us your own website you can do this by sending a PM to the administrator.

    No Adult, Pornographic or Inappropriate links allowed. If we feel that your link contains content that is not suitable for our members it will be removed and you may face a ban.

    Links & Images in your Signature:

    You are permitted to display a maximum of 2 links in your signature along with one of two reasonably sized images. If the forum staff feel your signature is too large they may contact you and politely ask that you resize it.

    Image Posting

    When posting an image on the forums please be aware of copyright issues and mention the source when possible.

    Copying & Pasting Text

    It is common courtesy not to just copy and paste a whole block of text from another website to here. If you do this you must quote the original source (The website the text came from) You can post small quotes and excerpts from various articles and text but try to sum things up in your own words where possible.

    Mass PM’s

    If you appear to be using our PM system for advertising purposes then we reserve the right to ban your account without warning and report your IP. If members receive PM’s containing links, or any information that makes them feel uncomfortable or troubled in any way we urge you to forward it to your admin who will deal with the matter accordingly. jUSTGIRLS should be a safe, fun environment to chat and we want you to feel at home here!

    Thank you and have fun!

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